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The textile industry in Turkey is considered one of the largest and most distinguished sectors in the world. In this field, Turkey enjoys a rich history, strong reputation, and leadership position, and it is one of the most prominent global destinations for trade and textile production. Its fields and the size of its absorptive capacity

In this article, we will take you on a knowledge journey through which we will review the important role of Turkey in this industry, and some of the famous types of Turkish fabrics, in addition to a glimpse of the distinctive products of Aeropin fabrics.

Manufacturing excellence:

Turkish fabrics are distinguished by their diversity, high quality, and unique designs that combine heritage and modernity, which makes them admired by designers and consumers all over the world. Modern clothing with European standards, the industry is one of the most well-established industries in the country in recent years.

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Industrial production giant:

The textile sector, which includes textile factories, accounts for more than half of the total industrial production in Turkey. Textile manufacturers have emerged as an important sub-sector within the apparel, home textile, furnishing and other sectors, and this is an example of mass industrialization based mostly on raw materials.

In addition, the textile and textile sector creates a wide range of job opportunities with good salaries compared to others, and represents a safe and stable environment for investors. Where the Turkish government worked to remove many obstacles and provide many facilities. In order for industrialists to be able to expand their business and increase their production capacity.

In the context of textile production, Turkey stands out among the largest producers of cotton in the world. A total of 880,000 tons of cotton were produced in the two years 2016/2017, ranking the country sixth in the world.

In the same context, we mention two of the most famous factories in the yarn and textile industry around the world. They are:

Aldheimer Company, which is one of the most famous factories that manufacture yarns and textiles in the world, is characterized by the quality of its products and the provision of a wide range of different fabrics.

  • Laurel Company, considered one of the major players in the yarn and textile industry, as it offers exceptional products with a silky touch, and is distinguished by its advanced manufacturing techniques.
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Types of fabrics and textiles that Türkiye is famous for:

Turkey is famous for the diversity of its fabrics around the world, which are distinguished by their superior quality and precious designs. The country produces ideal fabrics of both natural and industrial materials. such as cotton, silk, wool, linen, natural and artificial silk, various fibers and leather, velvet, polyester, lycra, and many other materials, and below we will explore some of the most prominent types of Turkish fabrics and highlight its wonderful advantages

ayrobin Fabric:

Aerobin is one of the luxurious fabrics that has become popular and recently used in the apparel industry. Where it is used for various designs in the world of fashion and fashion, this type of fabric is produced from special yarns of linen, and it is often used in women’s clothing in particular; Among the most prominent pieces that are manufactured taking advantage of its advantages, which we will mention later:

Hijabs, abayas, tunics, capes, cardigans, jumpsuits, skirts, slacks, flowy shirts, and elegant dresses

(Perhaps one of the most beautiful dresses offered by Aeropin is the amazing “Full Lycra” dress, as it enhanced the luxury of linen and reflected the creativity of the designs.)

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Advantages of Aerobic Fabric:

This unique fabric has many features and desirable properties, including:

Comfort: The feature of the threads from which it is made provides comfort when used in different situations and times.

Flexibility: as it fits the activities of daily life.

strength: it can be used for a long time; It is characterized by its durability and strength, which prevents it from wearing out after a short period of time.

No sweating: The aerobic fabric, by its nature, does not cause sweating when worn; It allows air to pass through, which makes it a preferred choice for daily wear.

Ventilation: It has good ventilation; Which reflects positively on physical health.

Washability: One of the most important things that distinguishes this fabric is that it can be washed in a washing machine without damage, and it does not shrink when the correct steps are observed in washing it, while choosing low-temperature water when doing so.

Anti-wrinkle: as there is no need for ironing after washing it, as it returns to its splendor after washing, as if it had not been washed.

Suitable for summer: It is one of the favorite fabrics to wear in the summer.

Diversity of colors: The aeroben cloth is characterized by its bright, eye-catching colors, which are suitable for all seasons.

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(Turkish Fabrics) Quality beyond borders:

The textile and textile sector satisfies its customers by trying to meet all requests in line with all circumstances. Textiles in its market require flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to any service or order, no matter how large it is. The role of export is highlighted here, as it has always been one of the most important aspects of the textile industry in Turkey. As it plays a pivotal role in the success of this vital industry, through which Turkish cloth production companies seek to reach global markets with high quality and competitive prices, and when it comes to global shipping, DHL and FedEx shine as the best and largest shipping companies Global; They provide industry-leading, reliable and fast freight forwarding to deliver fabrics and other products to customers all over the world.

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At the end of this journey within the world of the Turkish textile industry, we invite you to explore an ancient culture and heritage through these bright landmarks. Where Turkey remains an oasis of creativity and beauty in this workmanship, as it possesses a rich craft heritage that is reflected in its impressive designs and exceptional quality.

From soft cotton to luxurious silk, from colorful kilims to cozy felts, Turkey’s fabrics sparkle like masterpieces that tell the story of a rich culture and history.

When you buy fabrics or clothes made in Turkey, you are not buying just an ordinary product; Rather, you own a piece of heritage and luxury. It is an investment in art and quality, and an opportunity to enhance your elegance and your appearance in the best way.